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Monday, November 15, 2004


Some people have a swimming pool in their backyard.

I have an Earth Station.

/geekspeak on

An M2 2MCP14 for VHF (the bigger one) and a 436CP30 for UHF on a M2 fiberglass boom. Rotator is the Yaesu 5500. The S-Band dish is a G3RUH 60cm with a circular patch feed. An SSB UEK-3000 GaAsFET Low Noise Converter switches the 2.4ghz signal to 144mhz. The UHF Preamp on the left is an SSB SP-7000. It makes a huge difference.
The mast mounted box on the right is a relay box that powers the polarity switchers and the preamps.

/gs off

Note the lack of Rats Nest cabling. An old boss of mine always said:
"The better it looks, the better it works. Period."